Do you conduct distillery tours?
Yes! We are welcoming you to our FREE distillery tour. The tours are held at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00, and 15:00 in weekdays.
Let’s explore the distillery to learn our kokuto shochu processing and enjoy free tasting of our full lineup after the tour.
Closed weekends, national holidays and special holidays.
Please make a reservation before your visit via phone call or here. Online reservation ≫
Why is kokuto shochu transparent despite being made from brown sugar?
The secret is in the distillation process of the moromi. Although the moromi has pigment and sugar in it, these “heavier” components won’t vaporize during the distillation so that the shochu distillate contains neither sugar nor pigment. Do you want to learn more about shochu processes? Click here ≫
Can I buy Sato no Akebono over the internet?
Unfortunately, we are not available via online shopping.
Where can I purchase Sato no Akebono?
Sato no Akebono is available in many of your neighborhood supermarkets, department stores, and liquor stores. Call us so we can help you find Sato no Akebono at your favorite shops.
Calories of Sato no Akebono?
It depends on alcohol content. When you make a 180ml mizuwari in the ratio of 6:4 (shochu:water),it will have 153 kcal. Calories of shochu change linearly with its alcohol content. The higher the alcohol percentage, the higher the calories.
Calories of Amami Sumomo Liqueur?
Our Amami Sumomo Liqueur has 143kcal/100ml. Alcohol (12.5%v/v) contributes 69kcal and 74kcal are from carbohydrates.
Why is Sato no Akebono zero sugar despite it made from brown sugar?
Sato no Akebono is a shochu made by distillation. Like other distilled spirits, Sato no Akebono has no sugar. Why? Because the non-evaporable components such as sugar are never introduced into the final product, shochu, since the sugar is too heavy to vaporize during the distillation. Click the link below to learn more about kokuto shochu. Click here ≫
Best by or expiration date of Sato no Akebono?
We do not set a Best Before Date on Sato no Akebono. Since shochu contains higher alcohol and is not fermentable, it is resistant to microbiological contamination. Store Sato no Akebono in a cool, dark and drink soon after opening to avoid changes in flavor.
What is vacuum distillation?
It is the method of distillation performed under low pressure. The lower the pressure, the lower boiling point of the liquid moromi. Some “unpleasant” contents will not vaporize during the distillation process so that Sato no Akebono has cleaner and smoother taste.


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