To achieve fragrant, excellent kokuto shochu, we use carefully selected kokuto in a higher ratio than other kokuto shochu brands.
In 2017, we began our own sugarcane farming. “Grow sugarcanes and make kokuto by your own hands, then we can talk about kokuto shochu.”
This are the words from our proud toji, or Master Distiller, Yoichiro Haseba.
We want to produce excellent kokuto shochu, and that starts with the source.

Technology and Tradition

Vacuum Distillation and Long-term Aging

Technology and Tradition
Vacuum Distillation and Long-term Aging

Our signature methods in distillation and aging have produced world class kokuto shochus. Sato no Akebono’s distillation produces a refreshing mouthfeel and flavor while the aging develops deep and gentle textures. While our production capabilities continue to expand, the nature of shochu making is still an intimate conversation between the Master Distiller and living organisms, such as koji and yeast, and even the shochu itself. Our meticulous toji careful manages the koji, moromi, and shochu with his core senses.


  • 1.Washing, steeping, straining, and steaming of rice

  • 2.Seikiku -koji making-

  • 3.First preparation

  • 4.Kokuto liquefying

  • 5.Second and third addition

  • 6.Distillation

  • 7.Storage and maturation

  • 8.Filtration, bottling, boxing and shipping

Innovation Upon Tradition

To reach the summit of kokuto shochu

Machida has its roots in the old Sumiyo village. Ishihara Shuzo, our original shochu company, had been handcrafting shochu in this village for a long time. We combine Ishihara’s spirit with state-of-the-art technologies such as vacuum distillation.

While honoring and continuing the traditions of distilling, we continuously seek new methods and technologies – that is how we will reach the summit of kokuto shochu making.

Love for Our Local Province

We, the Machida team, share a common goal in that we want to share Amami’s exquisite culture and nature with the world. By handcrafting and distributing our kokuto shochu, we can express Amami’s beauty and spirit.

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1. Washing, steeping, straining, and steaming of rice
2. Seikiku -koji making-
3. First preparation
4. Kokuto liquefying
5. Second and third addition
6. Distillation
7. Storage and maturation
8. Filtration, bottling, boxing and shipping
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