Jul 30, 2020

【Notice】“Sato no Akebono Gold” Wins the “Best of the Best” award at the 2020 Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition

At the 2nd annual Tokyo Whisky and Sprits Competition (TWSC), held in June 2020, “Sato no Akebono Gold” won a “Superior Gold” and the “Best of the Best” awards and “Sato no Akebono Genshu” won a “Bronze” award. The “Best of the Best” award is the highest award available.


In the shochu division, which was held for the first time this year, 93 companies submitted 258 different entries. It is a great honor for our “Sato no Akebono Gold” to win “Best of the Best,” over the 15 other entries that won a “Superior Gold” award. All the employees are very pleased that our Amami kokuto shochu was thought of highly during the professional’s evaluation. We continue to strive to make kokuto shochu that will be recognized throughout the world.


About TWSC and the “Best of the Best” award

An international competition for distilled spirits, TWSC was held for the second time. To help prevent the spread of Covid-19, this year’s judging was completed remotely. After the normal examination, a special examination was held to determine the “Best of the Best” winner, the best of the Shochu categories entries.

TWSC’s Website:


“Sato no Akebono Gold” has won awards at the following international competitions:

May 2018 - Los Angeles International Spirits Competition - Superior Gold

March 2019 - Berlin International Spirits Competition - Silver

July 2020 - Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition - Superior Gold and Best of the Best


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